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TUMMY TUCK DUBAI. A tummy tuck is a great option for people who have loose skin and excess fat that does not lessen despite rigorous exercise and strict diet regimen. 

A tummy tuck involves a permanent scar from hip bone to hip bone. Usually, a tummy tuck will last from three and a half to four (3.5 to 4) hours and can be done as a day surgery procedure under sedation. During sedation patients have faster recovery from the anaesthesia compared to general anaesthesia, therefore, those who undergo procedures under sedation can go home the same day. 

A great number of techniques have been published and planning a tummy tuck surgery is fundamentally important for effective results.


Firstly, a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon is necessary. A surgeon who has extensive experience and proven patient results may be able to advise on which possible approach is best suited. A discussion of the patient’s expectations, limitations of the surgery and the patient’s overall health are paramount detail to achieve a successful outcome.


Secondly, before and after preparation for the surgery are critical factors. Before proceeding with any type of surgery, laboratory test and pre-anaesthesia check and evaluation are necessary. Fasting is also required for the surgery. An antiseptic brush will be given for you to use on the night before the operation and in the morning of the surgery day. The antiseptic brush is prophylaxis for possible infection.

After the tummy tuck procedure, abdominal drains are attached and a compression garment is worn. The drains help minimise swelling by draining excess fluids that accumulate as a result of the surgery. The compression garment also lessens the swelling. 

On the first couple of days after the operation, it is best to have someone help you at home. Mild to moderate pain and discomfort may be felt and can be managed by taking the prescribed pain medication. 

Follow up appointments are crucial as these determine the overall progress. 


Although complications may arise, these are usually minor and are self-limiting and usually improve after a few days or weeks. Some of the most common complications are swelling, bruising, accumulation of fluid (seroma), and numbness or under-sensitive of the surgical area.

At first, the scars will look a bit bumpy and elevated but will eventually flatten and lighten.

The tummy tuck is an effective body contouring technique for a flatter tummy, however, preparations are important for a successful surgery.

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