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MACS (Minimal Access Cranial Suspension) lift is a minimally-invasive facelift technique which gives a natural effect, unlike traditional facelift techniques which leaves a wind-blown appearance because of too much tension and pulling. 

As we age, facial laxity increases, facial lines appear and the skin texture dulls. A MACS facelift is a subtle way of lifting most especially the lower two-thirds of the face. Moreover, it lessens the appearance of the lines around the mouth and rejuvenates the overall look.


A MACS facelift is carried as a day surgery procedure under local anaesthesia with sedation, a type of anaesthesia where patients are in deep sleep and the recovery is faster than general anaesthesia. The procedure will take around 3.5 to 4 hours, depending on if additional procedures like eyelid surgery or laser resurfacing or liposuction to other areas are included at the same time.

Immediately after the facelift, a support compression garment is applied around the face. This is worn for a week to minimise swelling. 

On the first day after the surgery, continue with the application of ice packs intermittently. There may be oozing of blood on the scars which is normal. Make sure to place a pillow or two on the head when lying down. Also, you may already feel discomfort by the second-day post-surgery, be sure to take pain relievers and antibiotics as instructed.


The most common side effects are swelling and bruising. The swelling is most prominent around the cheeks, eyes and neck. 


During the first month, the scars will be red and bumpy; it will flatten and will not be noticeable after a few months. Make sure not to scratch them. The extent of the recovery period is dependent on individual health status and age. However, you may see improvements by the end of two weeks to a month, when the swelling has gone down. 

Here in Dubai, MACS FACELIFT is available at London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery located in Dubai Healthcare City.

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