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Dr. Roberto (left) and Dr. Maurizio Viel (right)

Q: Why MACS lift?

MACS (Minimal Access Cranial Suspension) Lift uses minimally invasive technique to lift the lower two-thirds of the face. Unlike traditional facelift that leaves patient with the “wind tunnel” look, MACS lift produces natural looking lift with a short scar.

Q: How is the MACS lift done?

Since it is minimally invasive, it is done under sedation – a type of anaesthesia that keeps patient asleep the entire procedure without the need for a General Anaesthesia. With sedation, patients are able to breathe normally and on their own with little assistance.

Q: What will I expect after the first week?

For the first couple of weeks, expect bruising and swelling around the face and neck areas. You will be required to wear a facial compression garment for the first week. This garment will help lessen swelling.

In addition, you will need to minimise facial movement especially around the mouth. Soft diet is recommended during this time period.

Q: When will the stitches be removed?

In general, stitches are removed 10 days after the surgery. By this time, the incisions have completely healed well.

Q: When will I see result?

On the first week, you will already see improvement in appearance, and will continue to improve more once the swelling has completely gone down.

Q: When is the best time to do a MACS lift?

MACS lift is ideal for both men and women in their mid-40s to late-50s experiencing mild loose skin on the lower two-thirds of the face and upper neck.

Here in Dubai, MACS FACELIFT is available at London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery located in Dubai Healthcare City.

Drs. Maurizio and Roberto Viel have over 25 years of experience in the field of cosmetic surgery industry and are known for their expertise in cosmetic treatments and surgeries.

To book an appointment, or consultation in Dubai at our LCAS Dubai Healthcare City Clinic, please contact 04-375 2393, WhatsApp +971 52 915 1461 or email gulf@LCAS.com

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