What is VASER Liposuction? VASER Liposuction is an effective procedure to enhance body contour. It uses ultrasonic technology to effectively emulsify fatty tissues for easy removal through suction. Can Liposuction be done in men? Yes! VASER liposuction is ideal for anyone who requires removal of excess fat, although it is not recommended for patients below […]

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If you are thinking of liposuction to remove stubborn fatty deposits, it is crucial to know the best possible option for you. Liposuction has been developed in the 1970s and has currently evolved in terms of patient safety and increase patient satisfaction. The VASER is the latest among the liposuction technology. VASER liposuction uses ultrasonic […]

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LIPOSUCTION CAN HELP YOU DEFINE YOUR BODY   Defining your body and loosing weight basically involves a combination of diet and exercise. Sometimes, even with a lot of hard work, you can are still able to notice some fat deposits that won’t go away. These trouble areas vary from one person to another and may […]