Today, new advancements and techniques in body contouring are giving those who avoided at any cost surgical procedures, different ways of getting the body of their dreams the less invasive way possible.

One of those techniques is the VASER Liposuction, where you can get rid of those unwanted fat deposits around the abdomen area, thighs, neck, and other parts of the body as well. To know more about this new and groundbreaking body contouring method, take a look at some of our frequently asked questions and find out if VASER Liposuction is right for you.


Q: What does VASER in VASER Liposuction stand for ?

A: VASER stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance. Which means that in Vaser liposuction, ultrasound technology is used to gently and precisely reshape and remove fat deposits in trouble areas of your body.

Q: How long does the VASER Liposuction procedure take?

A: The procedure will take one to four hours to be completed, depending on the amount of fat to be removed.


Q: Does the procedure hurt?

A: Since you will be under local anesthetic with sedation, you will be asleep in a “slumber” and won’t remember anything (not to be mistaken with general anesthesia), the area treated will be numb and the procedure will give you minimal pain or discomfort.


Q: What happens during surgery?

A: The trouble area will be filled with a special saline solution and local anesthetic to help numb the site and minimise blood loss and bruising. Then small probes transmit high-frequency sound waves that target and dissolve fat cells making it easy to liquefy and remove them.


Q: What happens after the surgery?

A: You will be able to leave the clinic and go home the same day, and it should take about 48 hours to recover from anesthesia. There will be some soreness and bruising, but far less than expected than with a normal liposuction. You will have to wear a special garment 24 hours a day for one week. You will then return to the clinic to have your bandages and stitches removed.


Q: When can I go back to work?

A: Within the restrictions mentioned above, you can get back to your normal activities in a couple of days. However, you can only go back to exercising at the gym after one week, once your bandages and stitches have been removed.

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