Also known as autologous fat transfer, the fat harvesting technique has become very popular in Dubai over the past years. It basically consists of removing fat from one area of the body and injecting it in areas that may be lacking volume.

 We, at London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery in Dubai, have prepared a list of interesting facts on fat harvesting and transfer for you to know more about the procedure.

# Fat can be transferred to the face, hand, breasts and buttocks

# There is no risk or rejection and no possibility of allergic reactions since it’s the patient’s own fat

#With the autologous fat transfer procedure, you can expect the injected area to be softer and fuller, giving you a rejuvenated appearance

#Results of fat transfer are long lasting if not permanent but some touch-ups might be required

#You will inform Drs. Roberto and Maurizio Viel which area of your body you want the fat to be harvested from and where you would like to transfer it.

#A small liposuction will be done at the chosen are to collect the fat needed for the procedure

#The liposuction incisions are small, therefore the surgery scars are barely perceptible over time as they tend to fade away and recovery time is also quick

#Once the fat is harvested from your body it is then treated with the use of a centrifuge in order to remove impurities from your fat and nothing artificial is added along the process

#Common areas for fat harvesting are the thighs and abdomen

#The goal of Drs. Roberto and Maurizio Viel at London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery in Dubai is to give you satisfying natural-looking results and to ensure you have the most comfortable experience as possible during the fat harvest and transfer procedure

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Fat harvesting is available in Dubai at London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery in Dubai Healthcare City with Drs. Maurizio and Roberto Viel.

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