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Brazilian Butt Lift

Buttocks augmentation is an excellent method to enhance the shape and contour of the buttocks.

A well-proportioned body structure includes buttocks that are shapely and proportionally aligned to the upper body. For women, a well-rounded and curvy buttock is something achievable with core training and surgical injection to the buttocks.

Butt Enlargement or BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) is an excellent method in enhancing the shape and contour of the buttocks through fat injection. It uses one’s fat; thus, serious side effects are virtually eliminated. 

BBL consists of two methods: The collection and The Injection


Firstly, Dr Maurizio and Dr Roberto will collect the fat from an area in your body that has abundant of them, usually the tummy, love handles or thighs. It entails the introduction of tumescent fluid (a cocktail of fluid with anaesthesia) to the donor area.

They will then insert a blunt cannula, about 1-2 millimetres in circumference, and begin collecting the fat that eventually goes to a fat collection canister. This unique canister filters the fat from other impurities such as fluids and blood.


Once they have collected enough fatty tissues, it is then filtered to remove excess fluids. Thus, the remaining tissues are what we call the “pure fat.” 

The pure fat is what we inject to the buttocks to achieve augmentation. Small incisions are made along the crease of the buttocks, and once the incisions heal, they are not easily discernible by the naked eye.

Platelet-rich Plasma or Stem Cells

Also, Platelet-rich Plasma or Stem Cells may be added to the injected fat to improve fat tissue viability and result.

As we lose weight, we also tend to lose fat. Keeping a stable weight is vital following the fat injection to the buttocks.

Expected Result

During the first week, swelling is expected, which can last for 2-4 weeks. The result will be visible when the swelling has completely gone down at this time.

Forty to fifty per cent of fat will be absorbed initially. This is the reason why our surgeons will always inject more than the amount need. Likewise, multiple fat reinjections are needed to attain the best outlook that patients need to achieve their goal.

Here in Dubai, Butt Enhancement or Buttocks Augmentation is available at London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery located in Dubai Healthcare City.

Drs. Maurizio and Roberto Viel have over 25 years of experience in the field of cosmetic surgery industry and are known for their expertise in cosmetic treatments and surgeries.

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