Breast Uplift & Breast Reduction Procedures Dubai

Breast Uplift & Breast Reduction


Having large breasts is not always the blessing it may seem.  Women can feel very self – conscious and can become depressed about the size of their breasts.  Large breasts can lead to numerous problems including back, neck and shoulder pain and grooves in the shoulders from bra straps, excessive sweating, rashes and infections under the breasts, difficulty participating in sport, unwanted attention and comments as well as difficulty in finding comfortable and attractive clothes to fit.

The size of a woman’s breast is partly determined by her genes – the inherited factors that also affect height and frame.  It is also influenced by her weight and by hormones.  Some women develop particularly large breasts from early adolescence.  Others develop them later in life, during the menopause or following the use of HRT.  For some women, large breasts are a source of physical and psychological discomfort.

Breast reduction is an operation where the excess fat and skin are removed from the breasts.  The breasts are then reshaped to form smaller, more pert breasts, with the nipples being moved up to a natural looking position.  Breast reduction can also be effective in evening up the size of the breasts where one is much larger than the other.


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