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Breast augmentation

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons statistical data, breast augmentation is the top cosmetic surgery done worldwide. The number of patients undergoing breast augmentation with implants have seen a substantial increase in the past three years and will likely continue to rise.

Breast augmentation with implants is a surgical procedure for enhancing the size, shape and contour of the breasts. Women opt to undergo breast augmentation for various reasons such as to enlarge the breasts, to correct asymmetry, or to achieve breasts that are proportionate to their body.

Currently, breast implants have evolved in terms of safety, structure, and components. They have fewer complications compared to the implants previously used. There are a variety of breast implants out in the market but the most popular one is the “gummy bear” implants. Just like the gummy bear candies, these implants have the ability to return to its original shape. This advancement in the component of the breast implants is in response to the complication of previous implants that have a higher risk of rupture and possible leaking into the body.

In terms of incision, there are three possible access. The inframammary, which is done under the breasts fold; the second is around the areola; and lastly is through the armpit. 

The breast implants can either be placed on top of the muscle and below the breast tissues, known as subglandular; the other is submuscular, which is under the muscles.

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