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HD Vaser Liposuction for Men
Dubai has seen a growing industry in aesthetic procedures not only for women but also for men.

Dr Roberto Viel of the London Centre for Aesthetic Surgery Gulf discusses the 3 most popular procedures men seek.

  1. Penis Enlargement and Lengthening (Penoplasty)

The phallus has been a symbol of masculinity since time immemorial. This may be the reason that men seek to increase the size and shape of the penis in order to somehow prove masculinity and of course to enhance self-esteem.

Penoplasty is an aesthetic procedure that involves lengthening and enlargement of the penis. The procedure usually takes around 2.5 to 3 hours and is done under local anaesthesia with sedation. Sedation is a type of deep sleep anaesthesia wherein patients are not aware of the surgery but will still be able to respond with stimuli and the breathing is not compromised. Unlike general anaesthesia wherein total patient response is diminished and spontaneous breathing is assisted through intubation or other assistive breathing devices.

In penoplasty, penis lengthening is achieved through an incision on the pubis to release a ligament that acts as a mobile point for the penis during an erection. This release of the ligament increases the size of the penis to 1-3 cm during flaccid. However, it is important for the patient to understand that the length will be the same during the flaccid and erected state.

Meanwhile, penis enlargement is done through the injection of one’s own fat. Initially, the surgeon will collect fat from an area where you have abundant of them, like abdomen or flanks, by liposuction. The collected fat tissues are then filtered and removed of excess fluids. For additional viability of these fat tissues, stem cells or platelet-rich plasma may be added. Finally, the surgeon will inject the collected fat tissues into the penis using a small cannulae.

The usually expected side complications will be mild to moderate pain and discomfort, bruising and swelling of the penis and the donor area. The complete recovery from penoplasty will be around a month. Medicine to decrease erection will be given and should be taken according to the surgeon’s instructions.

  • VASER Liposuction

The abdomen, chest and flanks are the most common areas that men seek for VASER liposuction. 

The advantage of VASER liposuction is that it targets fat cells and leaves other surrounding tissues like blood vessels intact. This selective ability decreases the risk of an increased bleeding and bruising tendency.

VASER liposuction is also done under local anaesthesia with sedation. The procedure time will depend on the amount of area to be done. After the treatment, a compression garment will be worn for a month which can help minimise swelling and bruising. 

Initial improvement will be seen after a couple of weeks to a month when the swelling has lessened. However, the final result will be evident after 6 months.

  • Botulinum toxin Injection Treatment

Botulinum toxin Injections is an easy and effective way to improve wrinkles and fine lines. This is by far the most popular for men and women alike as a facial rejuvenation therapy. 

The treatment will usually take around 15 to 20 minutes to finish and no downtime. There might be some pinpoint redness and sometimes very minimal bruising on the injection site but will eventually fade in 24 hours.

Massaging or rubbing the area is prohibited for the first 4 hours after the treatment, and any facial treatment should be avoided for 24 hours. 

Botulinum Toxin Injections is a temporary treatment and may be repeated as necessary, typically after 3 – 4 months or depending on the need. 

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